January 14, 2020 Board Meeting


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Hilton Sacramento-Arden West

Eagle Ballroom

2200 Harvard Street

Sacramento, CA  95815



9:30 a.m.      Coffee & Conversation

10:00 a.m.    Call to Order

  1. Agenda Review:
    1. Agenda Review/Items from the Floor/Reordering of Agenda
  1. Action Items:
    1. Minutes of September Meeting
    2. 2019-20 Mid-Year Budget Adjustment (hold for Item III. f.)
  2. Reports of the Commissions and Committees:
    1. Executive Committee—(D. Houston, President)
      1. G. Roquemore Resignation
    2. Commission for Finance, Legislation & Advocacy (CFLA)—(W. Duncan, Chair)
      1. Trending Issues (W. Duncan)
      2. Consultation Council/Administrative Leadership Council Briefing (O. Pourzanjani)
      3. Legislation/Budget Briefing (M. Underwood)
    3. Regional Membership Council—(L. Cordova/S. Bray)
      1. Council Activity – Communications
      2. Recruitment Campaign Report: Member Stats
      3. Affiliate Event Engagement Report
      4. Board Member’s Recruitment Progress
    4. Policies and Procedures—(B. Dowd, Chair)
      1. Update on Policy/Process Reviews
      2. Dues Adjustment Implementation, Adjusted Budget with Dues Calculation Increase
    5. Management Development Commission (MDC)—(W. Fong/C. Clark)
      1. Program & Team Activity
      2. Budget Workshop Preliminary Outcomes/Future Programs
      3. Annual Conference Planning Report
      4. Board Member Involvement at the Conference
    6. Operations Report—(S. Bray, Executive Director)
      1. Strategic/Operations Plan Update
      2. 2019-20 Mid-Year Budget Adjustment (for Action)

Noon          Break for Lunch and Discussion with the ACBO Board

  1. Introductions
  2. Budget Workshop Program Review (W. Duncan and A. Brown)
  1. From the Floor

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