Commission for Finance, Legislation and Advocacy

The Commission for Finance, Legislation and Advocacy [CFLA] is the advocacy body for ACCCA members.  Legislative and fiscal issues have a significant impact on the ability of California’s community college administrators to succeed and meet student needs.  It is therefore imperative that members of ACCCA and the administrators throughout California community colleges be thoroughly informed and proactive in this regard. 

Representing the membership and advocating their perspective is a primary member benefit and a service established by the Board of Directors.  The functions associated with this service are delegated by the Board to the Commission for Finance, Legislation and Advocacy (CFLA).

The primary purpose of the Commission is to monitor, develop and advocate policy and legislation in the best interest and on behalf of the members of ACCCA.  The Commission shall have authority to take official positions and provide information regarding legislation, administrative policy and regulations, and maintains a primary focus on issues related to administrative rights, as well as community college finance and human resource issues.  Generally the Commission will:

  • Review and monitor legislation, policy or regulatory issues that affect budget, finance, retirement and human resource issues and keep the Board and membership thoroughly informed.
  • Develop positions on such issues and represent the Association’s position before the Legislature, Chancellor’s Office and other state agencies and/or affiliated organizations.
  • Develop and disseminate information regarding retirement systems and related matters.
  • Research issues and prepare position papers for the Board as requested on topics within the scope of the Commission including, but not limited to, an annual legislative platform and an official position paper on the annual proposed State budget. 
  • Work for the repeal or prevention of unrealistic mandates and constraints that interfere with administrative efforts to maintain effective programs.
  • Maintain liaisons and participate in joint advocacy with other associations and groups to the extent that such cooperation is appropriate and beneficial to ACCCA members.
  • Provide leadership and work with others in developing long-range community college financing and administrative policies.
  • Encourage and educate ACCCA members on developing positive relationships with their legislators at the local level.
  • Assist the Management Development Commission (MDC) as needed in facilitating workshops and/or seminars on topics within the scope of the Commission.


The Commission for Finance, Legislation and Advocacy (CFLA) shall be composed of not less than 8 or more than 16 members appointed by the President of ACCCA upon recommendation of the Chair.

The Commission meets monthly unless otherwise determined by its members via conference call or in person throughout the year as scheduled.  The Association contracts the services of an Advocate who works with the Commission to provide bill tracking and monitoring services, consulting and direct advocacy as determined by the Commission.

As legislation, initiatives and propositions as well as policy are reviewed, the Commission may take official positions on behalf of the Board which are communicated to the field.  The Commission may also collaborate with other affiliated organizations and agencies to accomplish its purposes.   


Commission Chair and/or Vice-Chair: 

Commission Chair/Vice-Chairs shall meet as requested with the Executive Committee and represent the Commission at each meeting of the ACCCA Board. The Chair(s) will maintain frequent/effective communications with ACCCA staff and Commission members and will serve as a liaison between the administration, Board and their Commission.

The CFLA Chair/Vice-Chair is/are responsible for developing each meeting agenda, following up with the Executive Committee regarding any significant positions taken or developments and will regularly communicate with the Association’s Advocate and the Consultation Council representative to ensure that the perspective of ACCCA and the Commission is fairly represented at the State level.

The Chair/Vice-Chair shall collaborate with staff and members of the Commission to develop an annual legislative platform, and shall apprise the Board of any emerging regulatory issues that could potentially result in legislation or targeted advocacy in the best interest of members.

Commission Member:

The members of ACCCA’s volunteer Commissions and committees provide the manpower in the development, management and delivery of its primary services to members.  Commission or committee members work together to meet the stated purpose of their group, and to accomplish the goals and strategic objectives identified by the group as priorities under the direction of the Chair and with oversight of the Board. 

The Commission may form one or more ad-hoc committees or teams to accomplish its purposes or focus on a particular objective.  The success of those efforts are also dependent on the individual work of the Commission member assigned to that group.  Following are the general responsibilities of the Commission member: 

  • Confirm your attendance and endeavor to participate in all meetings of the Commission.  Attend any meetings of the committee or project team if you are assigned.  Consistent absences from regularly scheduled Commission meetings and lack of follow through on tasks shall require the Chair to review the effectiveness of the member.
  • Attend ACCCA’s annual conference and Budget Workshop, and encourage others to do the same. 
  • Participate in the development of an annual strategic work plan with your Commission and complete any tasks assigned that are associated with the work plan.
  • Carefully review all agendas and reports well in advance of meetings and are prepared to discuss them.
  • Consistently be aware of ways to improve the services of the group, participate in all evaluation activities and identify/sponsor/mentor potential new members to the commission or committee who will add expertise.

Legislative Update

To access ACCCA Legislative positions, read updates on other State Capitol issues and access ACCCA legislative documents click here.

ACCCA Political Action Committee 

ACCCA’s Political Action Committee is the only PAC solely dedicated to advocating for your administrative rights in Sacramento.

CFLA Meeting Schedule

Meetings of the Commission are set by the members of the commission and generally fall on the last Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m.  For information about the agendas, minutes or how to access Commission meetings, contact the ACCCA office.

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