Membership Advantages


Benefits, Programs & Services


Professional Development Opportunities & Continuous Networking

  • A highly regarded annual conference, workshops, webinars and seminars to keep you current and your skills sharp
  • Unique progressive professional development and training programs--Admin 101 and Admin 201—will take you to the next level
  • A year-long Mentor Program pairs you with a seasoned administrator for a structured mentorship experience unlike any other
  • Facilitation of your participation in state-level committees and commissions or leadership on the Board gets you out there and noticed
  • Learning and training programs designed by YOU for YOU
  • Education discount from Alliant University. ACCCA Members receive a 10% tuition reduction discount for new full time students.



  • ACCCA provides professional advocacy from an Administrator’s perspective
  • Emailed legislative alerts to mobilize members to action when necessary
  • Information and analysis on the issues and policy affecting your job, your college and district
  • Representation at the Consultation Council, before the Board of Governors and other state agencies
  • The only member-supported political action committee for administrators, ACCCA-PAC—working for you


Communications & Information

  • Award-winning publications including a bi-monthly newsletter, ACCCA Reports featuring analysis & information on current issues
  • Online and printed job announcements via the newsletter available through JobTrac --ACCCA’s online job listing service
  • An annual compensation/Salary Survey of administrators compares your district’s administrative salary and benefits with others in the system
  • A link to your fellow ACCCA members with the online member directory
  • Access tried and true services and products by using the online services directory of ACCCA business partners
  • Instant communication through our Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and Twitter feed—get immediate notification of new information

Education Benefits

Insurance & Exclusive Discount Programs

For over 35 years, ACCCA has provided insurance and discount benefits to members through ACSA/SASS (School Administrators Special Services). As a member of your professional association, you are also a member of SASS and eligible for all of the benefits listed below:


Legal Services

ACCCA, along with CLC Incorporated, provides free legal services to all members. Members have unlimited free telephone legal consultation for a wide range of legal matters, including any work-related and employer-employee issues. The service also covers civil, consumer, family, real estate, landlord/tenant, motor vehicle, criminal, immigration, and estate planning issues through:

  • Unlimited free phone consultation
  • A free one-hour, in-person legal consultation with an attorney matched to you
  • Will preparation assistance
  • Discounted document preparation
  • An optional National Identity Theft Prevention and Response Program
  • 25% discount on billable hours


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ACCCA develops and supports current and future California community college administrators through
professional development, networking and advocacy.
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