Legislative Bills Report

View the full list of bills here. (Updated as of 3/20/2020)

As the legislative process progresses, we will continue to update this page with the bills that the CFLA has taken a stand on to support, watch or oppose.

Prop 63 Letter to the Governor- Funding for Mental Health

Title: AB 2019 Pupil Instruction: College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships: County Offices Of Education
Author: Holden
Status: Assembly Higher Education Committee
Position: Support


Existing law, until January 1, 2027, authorizes the governing board of a community college district to enter into a College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnership with the governing board of a school district or the governing body of a charter school with the goal of developing seamless pathways from high school to community college for career technical education or preparation for transfer, improving high school graduation rates, or helping high school pupils achieve college and career readiness.

This bill would also authorize county offices of education to enter into CCAP partnerships.

Letter of Support

Title: AB 897 Community Colleges: Part-Time Employees
Author: Medina
Status: Senate Rules Committee
Position: Oppose Unless Amended


This bill would require that negotiation on reemployment preference for part-time, temporary faculty assignments be based on the minimum standards not exceeding 80% to 85%, and would prohibit a community college district from restricting the terms of the negotiated agreement to less than that range, unless explicitly agreed upon by an individual part-time, temporary faculty member and the district. This bill would require the community college to commence the negotiation of these terms no later than the expiration of any negotiated agreement in effect on January 1, 2020, and for any community college that does not have a collective bargaining agreement in effect as of January 1, 2020, upon the effective date of the bill.

Title: AB 302  Parking: Homeless Students
Author: Berman
Amended: 8/30/2019
Status: Senate Floor - Inactive File
Position: Oppose


This bill would require a community college campus that has parking facilities on campus to grant overnight access to those facilities, on or before July 1, 2021, to any homeless student who is enrolled in at least six units of coursework, has paid any enrollment fees that have not been waived, and is in good standing with the community college until December 31, 2023. The bill would require the governing board of the community college district to determine a plan of action to implement this requirement. The provisions would not apply to a community college parking facility located within 250 feet of an elementary school.

The overnight parking facilities requirements would not apply to colleges providing at least one of the following specified homeless student housing services on or before July 1, 2021:

  • Emergency grants that are necessary to secure or prevent the imminent loss of housing
  • Hotel vouchers through a public agency or community organization
  • Rapid rehousing referral services

The bill would also require each community college that qualifies for the exemption to send a stand-alone email about these available services to all students at the beginning of each semester or quarter and include this information as part of any orientation for students describing the housing services that are available. Additionally, the bill would also require a housing assistance tab to be clearly visible and easily accessible from a drop-down menu on the community college’s home page.

SSC Comment: Assemblymember Berman announced that he is shelving this bill for 2019 due to the Senate Appropriations Committee amendments. The bill can be revived in 2020.

Title: SB 777 : Community Colleges: Full-Time Instruction
Author: Rubio
Amended: 5/17/2019
Status: Assembly Higher Education Committee
Position: Oppose


This bill would require, contingent upon an appropriation in the Budget Act or another statute for this purpose, a community college district (CCD) that has less than 75% of its hours of credit instruction taught by full-time instructors to make, at a minimum, an annual 5% reduction in the district’s deficit, defined as the gap between 75% of the total district credit hours taught and the total of those taught by full-time faculty. This bill would also require the Chancellor’s Office to annually compute and report by March 15 to each CCD its status with respect to progress toward the 75% goal, the additional hours of full-time faculty credit instruction needed to make a 5% improvement in the district’s deficit, and a conversion of the calculated hours to the number of full-time faculty required.

Title: SCA 5 Taxation: School Districts: Parcel Tax
Author: Hill
Amended: 4/22/2019
Status: Senate Floor - Inactive File
Position: Support


This measure would place a proposition on the ballot that would lower the parcel tax threshold for school and community college districts from two-thirds to 55%.

Title: SB 291  Postsecondary Education: California Community College Student Financial Aid Program
Author: Leyva
Amended: 5/17/2019
Status: Assembly Higher Education Committee
Position: Support


This bill would, subject to an appropriation, establish the California Community College Student Financial Aid Program to be administered by the Board of Governors to provide need-based grant awards to eligible students who attend a California community college voluntarily designated by its district governing board to participate in the program.

SSC Comment: The authors of Senate Bill 291 and Assembly Bill 1314 put out a joint statement, along with Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance Chair Kevin McCarty and Chancellor Eloy Oakley, to designate these two bills as two-year bills. The rationale for making these two-year bills is to give the authors and Chancellor’s Office enough time to work with the California Student Aid Commission, students, colleges, advocates and researchers to strengthen the frameworks within these measures.

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