2024 ACCCA Board Nominations

2024 ACCCA Board Nominations

We appreciate your interest in serving on the ACCCA Board of Directors! 

Like your own institutions, ACCCA has faced both daunting challenges, and at the same time, unprecedented opportunities in the past year.  Guiding the Association into fully leveraging each opportunity and facing the headwinds as they come, requires true leadership, collegiality and innovation, and that is the ACCCA Board.  

Although you may be elected from a specific category of administration, and you are counted on to bring that perspective to Board deliberations, when it’s time to vote the ACCCA Board must act in the best interest of all members. 

The ACCCA Board of Directors is expected to respond to each challenge with calm leadership, and to each opportunity with imagination and clarity.  Because it is a volunteer Board, your willingness to stand as a nominee tells us you’re willing to contribute your time and expertise to our cause making you one of those leaders who’s not intimidated by tough choices or working across administrative platforms for the good of all members.  

We don’t take your volunteerism lightly, and our promise is that we will always value your time and provide you with all the information you will need to contribute to and help lead the Association into the future.

The ACCCA Board was designed to be representative of all key administrative functions, and we see this as a professional development advantage for you. The Board of Directors meets eight times each year.  At least 2 of those are in-person gatherings either at our offices in Sacramento or on a campus.  The rest of the meeting schedule is composed of more succinct, 2-hour virtual meetings for briefings and to provide direction to staff and the standing advisory committees that help carry out the work of the Board.  

Successful candidates for the Board will also be asked to participate on a commission, committee or a project of their choice to engage with during their tenure and if you choose, your board assignments can be alternated from year to year to allow for a richer board experience for you, and fresh perspectives for our commissions and committees. 

Candidates for the board must be members of ACCCA. The term of office is 3 years, and board members may serve up to two consecutive terms.  In the event you must vacate your elected seat on the Board, the 1st runner-up in the category in which you ran will be offered the opportunity to complete the unexpired term.  To facilitate your nomination, you only have to submit/upload 3 items:

  1. Your professional photo for the ballot [jpg or png formats preferred]
  2. A statement of candidacy [2-3 paragraphs about why you’d like to serve and briefly describe the experience/expertise you’d bring to the board.]
  3. A brief biographical sketch [NOT a resume–but 2-3 paragraphs about your professional experience, education, and other groups you are engaged in.]

The deadline for self-nominations is Friday, April 19, 2024 (EXTENDED).  The official ballot will be sent to all voting members the following week with voting open through May 1st.

Thank you again for considering ACCCA the association you’d like to serve and help lead.  Your colleagues across the state are counting on this organization to lead the way and support them, and it will take ALL of us working together to achieve the strategic goals we’ve set!  Good luck!

ACCCA Board Nomination Form

General area of interest or expertise:(Required)
Nomination Category(Required)
Attach a statement of candidacy (Important!) Each candidate must provide a statement (2-3 paragraphs) about why they would like to serve on the ACCCA Board of Directors. This statement will be published in the ballot material.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Attach a brief narrative (2-3 paragraphs) detailing your current position, affiliations and past experience that would qualify you for a seat on the ACCCA board. Please do not attach a resume.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Attach a professional photo of yourself in .jpg, .png, .pdf or .gif format. The photo will be used on the ballot. Please submit a professional photo suitable for the ballot.
Max. file size: 256 MB.
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