Great Deans Program

Great Deans Program

For deans within the first five years of their career, this cohort-based program draws from the expertise of thought leaders and seasoned administrators from around the state, and it provides mentorship, an established knowledge base and technical skill building, with a focus on your leadership development

The Great Dean’s Program curriculum includes key areas of focus including:

  • Equity and Social Justice
  • Supervision and Leadership 
  • Administrative Policies, Procedures, and Structures 
  • Networking, Community Building, and Personal Wellness 
  • Graduation Session at the 49th Annual Conference in Monterey


Each year the Great Dean’s cohort members work together to build trusting networks of support as they successfully navigate their professional and personal journeys and complete the program with a solid foundation to succeed as effective, equity-focused administrators who are prepared to execute their short and long-term career goals. 

  • The 8-month program begins with a three-day Institute in Sacramento, July 22-24, 2024
  • Two regional in-person all-day workshops are scheduled in October and November (Northern or Southern California)
  • All-day pre-conference training at the Annual ACCCA Conference
  • Virtual intersession check-ins throughout the year (optional)

who should consider this program?

  • New administrators [within 5 years of their first Dean role].
  • Faculty, classified professionals considering a transition to administration or actively applying for a dean position.
  • Those with a desire to learn, make an impact, and excel while navigating the California Community College System.

learning outcomes

  1. Gain an understanding of the regulations and requirements and their practical application.
  2. Explore current standards and strategy for collaborating with and managing faculty and classified personnel.
  3. Understand the District and College budgets and strategies for managing a department budget.
  4. Reinforce good management practices, ethical standards and integrating DEIA principles in operating structures.

July 22-24, 2024
Sacramento Kick-off

“The Great Deans program provided incredibly valuable training and networking opportunities to me as a new dean. The year-long program allowed for deep learning and growth within a comprehensive range of topics, something not possible in shorter professional development formats. Furthermore, it allowed me to develop strong connections with other community college deans who have become resources, as well as friends, I can rely on.”
Dr. S. Erin Denney
Dean of Communication Studies, English, World Languages, and Fine, Applied, & Communication Arts, City College of San Francisco
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