Management Essentials

Management Essentials

october 18,2024 | Foothill College

Management Essentials Workshops

The development of this program was centered on the fact that having the technical skills to be a good manager is important, but it isn’t enough to be an effective and successful leader in a political environment.

Each workshop is unique and focuses on new content, and we encourage administrators to attend every session.

Management Essentials is intended for those administrators who desire to learn the following knowledge, skills, and practices to manage up, down, and sideways, extend their influence throughout an organization, and forge strong ties to build momentum. Every ACCCA PD program is strategically crafted to guarantee a diverse group of highly skilled leaders is prepared to meet the future administrative requirements of California community colleges.

Program Overview

  • This is an interactive program where participants are encouraged to share their experiences in a safe learning environment. 
  • Management Essentials are one-day, regional training offered twice each year in the early Spring and Fall.
  • Registration fee includes all materials, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. 

Who should consider this program?

  • FUTURE ADMINISTRATOR Faculty, classified professionals, or anyone considering an administrative role in their professional future.
  • NEWER ADMINISTRATORS LESS THAN 5 YEARS New administrators, eager to learn, make an impact, and excel while navigating the California CC System.
  • SEASONED ADMINISTRATORS 5 YEARS OR MORE Seasoned administrators seeking opportunities for further growth and career advancement. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize important human relations principles to be able to manage up, down, and sideways.
  2. Understand core leadership practices to be more influential throughout the organization.
  3. Develop a personal action plan to improve one’s management skills and leadership competencies.

Have you attended Management Essentials in the past? As a reminder, each program is unique in content and focus area. Take a look at our agenda for more details!

Registration fee is $250 and includes program materials, meals, and refreshments. 

meet your instructors


Geisce Ly
Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic & Institutional Affairs
City College of San Francisco

Natalie Schonfeld
Dean of Students
Coastline College

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