Legislative Update

Legislative Update

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June 24, 2022

2022-23 State Budget Update

As of this writing, legislative leadership and the Newsom Administration have yet to come to an agreement on the 2022-23 State Budget package. As a reminder, the legislative State Budget, Senate Bill (SB) 154, was presented to Governor Gavin Newsom on June 15, 2022, which gives Governor Newsom until Monday, June 27, 2022, to act on the measure. With June 27, 2022, approaching quickly, we expect to hear an announcement on an agreement between the two parties very shortly, especially since the Legislature is scheduled to go on its monthlong summer recess beginning July 1, providing that the State Budget bill is signed.

Policy Committee Hearings

With the July 1 second house policy committee deadline quickly approaching, both the Senate Education Committee, chaired by Senator Connie Leyva (D-Chino), and the Assembly Higher Education Committee, chaired by Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), met this week to consider a combined 32 bills.

The following significant bills that are being tracked by ACCCA cleared their respective policy committee and are headed to the Appropriations Committee:

  • Assembly Bill (AB) 1705 (Irwin, D-Thousand Oaks) would require community colleges to maximize the probability that students enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and mathematics within a one-year timeframe and would require high school transcript data to be used as the primary means for determining placement in transfer-level English and transfer-level mathematics courses
  • AB 1856 (Medina) would increase the maximum amount of instructional hours that a part-time community college faculty member may teach at any one community college district by changing the percentage of the full-time equivalent load for a part-time instructor to the range of 80% to 85%
    • ACCCA opposes this bill
  • AB 1942 (Muratsuchi, D-Torrance) would specify that instruction provided under an instructional service agreement between a community college district and a public safety agency shall be funded under the apportionment formula used for instruction in career development and college preparation commencing with the 2022-23 fiscal year
  • AB 2232 (McCarty, D-Sacramento) would require public schools, which includes community colleges, to ensure that facilities have heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that meet minimum ventilation rate requirements and to install filtration that achieves minimum efficiency reporting values levels of 13 or higher
  • AB 2738 (Reyes, D-Colton) would require community colleges to make available information regarding course schedules and degree completion and to either offer courses associated with degrees and certificates within a specified timeline or report to the public and the Chancellor’s Office the reasons why the college cannot provide the courses within the specified timeline


These bills will be taken up by the Appropriations Committee when the Legislature returns from its monthlong summer recess in August. The majority of these bills, if not all of them, will be put into the suspense file, meaning we will not know their fate until the suspense file hearing, which will take place either Thursday, August 11, 2022, or Friday, August 12, 2022.

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