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Legislative Update

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January 26, 2023

Lawmakers Introduce Education Bills

Lawmakers have begun to introduce education bills that will have an effect on community college districts (CCDs) should they make it through the legislative process and are signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. Some of the more significant bills that have been introduced over the past several weeks include the following: 

  • Assembly Bill (AB) 25 (McCarty, D-Sacramento) is a spot bill (spot bills are placeholders with substance to be added later) that will look to enact legislation  to establish a debt-free college system 
  • AB 247 (Muratsuchi, D-Torrance) would place an unspecified K-14 school facilities bond before voters on either the primary or general election ballot in 2024 
  • AB 255 (Alanis, R-Modesto) would require each CCD and the California State University to grant priority for registration for enrollment to first responders 
  • AB 260 (Santiago, D-Los Angeles) would require persons who are employed to teach adult or community college classes part-time to receive compensation in at least an amount that bears the same ratio to the amount provided to full-time employees as the time actually served by those part-time employees bears to the time actually served by full-time employees with comparable duties 
  • AB 263 (Jones-Sawyer, D-South Los Angeles) would require the Student Aid Commission to convene a working group to research and develop recommendations for the creation of a pilot program that would cover the cost of postsecondary education in the state by replacing the system of charging student tuition and fees 
  • AB 264 (Ting, D-San Francisco) would authorize CCDs, pursuant to a memorandum of understanding, to replace closing on Lincoln Day or Washington Day with Lunar New Year 
  • Senate Bill 28 (Glazer, D-Contra Costa) would place a $15.5 billion preschool through higher education bond before voters on the March 5, 2024, statewide primary election


Assemblymember Alex Lee (D-San Jose) has also introduced a bill that would levy a 1.5% tax on billionaires beginning in 2024 and a 1% tax on all those making over $50 million a year beginning in 2026. It is estimated that AB 259 would generate about $21.6 billion in revenue for the state, which would result in more education funding as it is estimated that Proposition 98 will be operating under Test 1 (K-14 education receives 38% of state revenues) for the foreseeable future. However, the measure faces an uphill battle as tax levies require a two-thirds vote in each house in order to pass and although Democrats have comfortable supermajorities in both houses, it is unlikely the proposal would have enough votes from moderate democrats to be approved.

To lower the voting threshold on tax increases, Assemblymember Lee has also introduced Assembly Constitutional Amendment (ACA) 3, which would place a constitutional amendment before voters to eliminate the two-thirds vote requirement to increase taxes, making the vote threshold subject to a simple majority. However, ACA 3 also requires two-thirds of the Assembly and Senate to sign off on the measure in order for it to appear before voters in 2024.

The deadline for legislators to introduce bills for 2023 is Friday, February 17, 2023. Policy committee hearings likely won’t begin to ramp up until after this deadline and we will be sure to provide subsequent updates on how these bills and others are moving through the process.

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