ACCCA Webinars

ACCCA Webinars

ACCCA Webinar Series: Click. Learn. Repeat.

To provide administrators with ongoing professional development, and to directly address some of the challenges they are experiencing, ACCCA has created a “lunch & learn” webinar series based on information administrators are telling us they need right now. 

Future webinars are being developed now, but please take the survey and tell us what information or training you’d like to see in future presentations. Your feedback will drive the content of these free webinars, and you can access the free library of webinars when it’s convenient for you!

Program Overview

These one-hour, content rich presentations are designed to be accessed on demand and are recorded live each month on the last Thursday of the month at noon.  Attend the virtual webinar each month or download it later to view.

Who should consider the webinars?

Webinars are considered SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY!

  • FUTURE ADMINISTRATOR Faculty, classified professionals, or anyone considering an administrative role in their professional future.
  • NEWER ADMINISTRATORS LESS THAN 5 YEARS New administrators, eager to learn, make an impact, and excel while navigating the California CC System.
  • SEASONED ADMINISTRATORS 5 YEARS OR MORE Seasoned administrators seeking opportunities for further growth and career advancement. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Expand knowledge of roles and responsibilities as California community college administrators.
  2. Learn about best practices in the field and their practical application.
  3. Develop skills to address the ongoing and emerging challenges facing administrators in California community colleges.


September 19, 2024: Common Legal Pitfalls for Administrators

Managing the complex responsibilities that come with overseeing operations can be incredibly demanding for managers and administrators. Each day brings a diverse array of challenges that require careful navigation and expertise. September’s webinar will provide an overview of several critical areas that can pose significant risks if not handled correctly:  

      • Faculty Tenure
      • Title IX
      • Labor Negotiations
      • Employee Discipline
      • Disability Interactive Process
      • Temp Faculty & 67% Rule
      • March 15th Deadlines
Navigating these topics requires a deep understanding of both legal requirements and institutional policies. Effective management and administration in these areas not only mitigate risks — but also contribute to a productive and compliant organizational environment. 
Join presenter, Eileen O’Hare-Anderson, Partner with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, for this engaging and informative webinar!

We have confirmed dates for our 2024 Lunch and Learn Webinars:

March 21, 2024
Enrollment Management
Sarah Schrader, Bobby Nakamoto, Carlos Lopez
May 16, 2024
Renew Your Commitment to Self-Care 
Nan Ho and Michael Kane
September 19, 2024
Common Legal Pitfalls for Administrators
Eileen O’Hare-Anderson, Partner, Liberty Cassidy Whitmore
November 21, 2024


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