ACCCA Political Action Committee

ACCCA Political Action Committee

ACCCA’s Political Action Committee [ACCCA-PAC] is the only PAC organized specifically to advocate for your administrative rights.  ACCCA PAC ensures that ACCCA has the means to influence the legislative process, and the abili

ty to support statewide campaigns and impact the big issues that affect the educational environment in California community college system.

ACCCA PAC is a voluntary, unincorporated committee operated in conformance with state and federal law to represent administrators and managers of California’s community colleges. The PAC supports advocacy for the improvement of funding, regulation and policies that have a direct impact administrators and the California community colleges they serve. ACCCA PAC also seeks to:

  • Educate community college administrators about the direct relationship between political action and the improvement of policies and support for community colleges;
  • Inform legislators and state agency personnel about the mission of the California community colleges and their efficient and ethical management of operations;
  • Provide a forum for community college administrators to voice their perspective in the political process to the benefit of their profession and the system; and
  • Provide direct support for the advocacy of policy and legislation that benefits administrators and California community colleges.

Now more than ever, your help is needed to keep these important efforts going! ACCCA PAC is funded through direct contributions from individual administrators and ACCCA members.

Donate to ACCCA PAC Today!

You can contribute by adding an amount to your monthly payroll deduction or if you submit dues annually, by adding an additional amount to your annual dues payment.  If you need information or have questions about the PAC or how to become involved, contact the ACCCA Office today!

The ACCCA PAC Board meets twice annually, at the ACCCA Conference in February and the ACCCA Board of Directors planning meeting in June. The current chairperson of the PAC is Willy Duncan, Superintendent/President, Sierra College and the Treasurer is Susan Bray, Executive Director, ACCCA.

PAC Charter and Constitution

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