Legislative Bills Report

Legislative Bills Report
View the full list of bills here(Updated as of 09/15/2023)
As the legislative process progresses, we will continue to update this page with the bills that the CFLA has taken a stand on to support, watch or oppose.


Title: Community Colleges: Part-Time Employees
Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee – Suspense File
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would require instructors who are employed to teach adult or community college classes part-time to receive compensation in an amount that bears the same ratio to the amount provided to full-time employees with comparable duties. This bill would also require community college districts (CCDs), as a condition of receiving funds for the Student Success and Support Program, to commence the negotiation of terms of compensation consistent with the proportional pay requirement for part-time employees, as well as terms governing reemployment preferences and evaluation processes, no later than the expiration of any negotiated agreement in effect on January 1, 2024, and for any CCD that does not have a collective bargaining agreement in effect as of January 1, 2024.

AB 1190 (IRWIN)

Title: Community Colleges: Part-Time Faculty: Office Hours
Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee – Suspense File
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would require community college districts, as a condition of receiving funds allocated for the Student Success and Support Program, to negotiate in good faith the adoption of terms of compensation that part time adult or community college instructors shall be compensated for office hours in at least an amount that bears the same ratio to the amount provided to full-time employees. Any office hours negotiated pursuant to this bill would not be applied toward the maximum percentage-of-hours limitation for part- time faculty and shall not be counted towards the hours per week of teaching adult or community college classes for purposes of requiring eligibility for tenure or for purposes of fulfilling any probationary hour requirements.


Title: K-14 Classified Employees: Part-Time or Full-Time Vacancies: Public Postings
Status: Senate Labor, Public Employment, and Retirement Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would require vacancies for part-time or full-time positions of an education employer to be open only to current regular and hourly employees before the vacancy may be posted publicly for the general public to apply. The bill would require an interested part-time employee who does not meet the minimum qualifications for a vacancy to be offered paid on-the-job training for that vacancy. The bill would require an education employer to accept a current part-time employee’s number of years of service with the education employer, regardless of the capacity in which they were earned, when that part-time employee applies for an additional part-time assignment that requires a certain number of years of service. The bill would require classified employees who work part-time assignments that equal the number of hours for a full-time assignment for the same education employer to receive the same benefits as employees who work a fulltime assignment.


Title: Classified School and Community College Employees: Disciplinary Hearings: Impartial Third-Party
Hearing Officers
Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would authorize a permanent classified employee in a non-merit K-14 district to appeal disciplinary action (defined as dismissals and suspensions of staff and demotions of nonsupervisory staff) to an impartial third-party hearing officer (defined as an arbitrator selected by striking from a list of seven arbitrators to be obtained by parties from the California State Mediation and Conciliation Service), paid for by the district and jointly selected by the district and the employee union.

The only exception is if the district and union enter into an agreement providing an alternative method of appealing disciplinary action.

AB 358 (ADDIS)

Title: Community College Districts: Student Housing
Status: To Enrollment
Position: Support

Summary: This bill would exclude any building used as a residence for students attending a campus of a community college district (CCD) from certain requirements applicable to “school buildings” under the Field Act. The bill would effectively exempt CCD student housing architectural plans from the requirement to receive approval from the Department of General Services’ Division of State Architect, thereby creating parity with California State University and University of California campus housing.


Title: Hazing: Educational Institutions: Civil Liability
Status: Senate Appropriations Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary:This bill would, beginning January 1, 2025, establish civil liability for higher education institutions if the institution has direct involvement in, knew, or, in the exercise of ordinary care, reasonably should have known of, the hazing practices of the school organization to which the student is seeking membership and the organization involved in the hazing is affiliated (recognized or sanctioned by the educational institution) with the educational institution at the time of the alleged hazing incident. The bill would specify that an educational institution that reasonably should have known of those hazing practices includes an institution that unreasonably fails to proactively prevent, discover, or stop the hazing practices. For purposes of determining whether an educational institution fails to proactively prevent, discover, or stop the hazing practices, the bill would authorize consideration of the extent to which the institution had specific antihazing measures in place at the time of the alleged hazing incident.


Title:The College Athlete Protection Act
Status: Senate Education Committee
Position: Watch

Summary: This bill would require institutions of higher education to establish a degree completion fund for its college athletes. The bill would require colleges to distribute to each college  athlete a notice containing college  athlete rights and would require the institution to post this notice in a conspicuous location frequented by college athletes. The bill would prohibit an institution of higher education, its employees, coaches, and affiliated medical personnel from retaliating against a college athlete for filing a complaint or reporting a violation of college athlete rights provided in this bill.

AB 1542 (FONG, MIKE)

Title: Board of Governors of The California Community Colleges: Student Members: Student Success
Completion Grant Program Awards
Status: Senate Education Committee
Position: Support

Summary: This bill would increase the pay of each student member of the Board of Governors to $4000 per semester via the Student Success Completion Grant.


Title: Youth Transit Pass Pilot Program: Free Youth Transit Passes
Status: Senate Transportation Committee
Position: Support

Summary: This bill would, upon an appropriation, create the Youth Transit Pass Pilot Program, to be administered by the Department of Transportation, for the purpose of awarding grants to transit agencies for the creation, marketing, provision, and administration of free youth transit passes to K-12 and higher education students.


Title: Public Postsecondary Education: Nonresident Tuition: Exemption
Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee—Suspense File
Position: Support

Summary: This bill would expand the nonresident tuition exemption to students who (1) completed 60 semester units of credit or 90 quarter units of credit in a California community college or (2) attained an associate degree for transfer.

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