Legislative Bills Report

Legislative Bills Report
View the full list of bills here(Updated as of 03/09/2023)
As the legislative process progresses, we will continue to update this page with the bills that the CFLA has taken a stand on to support, watch or oppose.


Title: Community Colleges: Part-Time Employees
Status: Assembly Higher Education Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would require instructors who are employed to teach adult or community college classes part-time to receive compensation in an amount that bears the same ratio to the amount provided to full-time employees with comparable duties. This bill would also require community college districts (CCDs), as a condition of receiving funds for the Student Success and Support Program, to commence the negotiation of terms of compensation consistent with the proportional pay requirement for part-time employees, as well as terms governing reemployment preferences and evaluation processes, no later than the expiration of any negotiated agreement in effect on January 1, 2024, and for any CCD that does not have a collective bargaining agreement in effect as of January 1, 2024.

AB 1190 (IRWIN)

Title: Community Colleges: Part-Time Faculty: Office Hours
Status: Assembly Higher Education Committee
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would repeal the provisions establishing the Community College Part-Time Faculty Office Hours Program and the Part-Time Faculty Office Hours Program Fund. The bill would instead require the governing board of a community college district, on and after July 1, 2024, to provide compensation for office hours to part-time faculty at an amount equal to one paid office hour for every two classes or more taught per week by the part-time faculty member or 40% of a full-time load, and half paid office hour for every class or 20% of a full-time load. If these provisions conflict with the terms of a collective bargaining agreement in effect before January 1, 2024, the bill would require the collective bargaining agreement to be reopened for negotiations.


Title: K-14 Classified Employees: Part-Time or Full-Time Vacancies: Public Postings
Status: Assembly Desk
Position: Oppose

Summary: This bill would require vacancies for part-time or full-time positions of an education employer to be open only to current regular and hourly employees before the vacancy may be posted publicly for the general public to apply. The bill would require an interested part-time employee who does not meet the minimum qualifications for a vacancy to be offered paid on-the-job training for that vacancy. The bill would require an education employer to accept a current part-time employee’s number of years of service with the education employer, regardless of the capacity in which they were earned, when that part-time employee applies for an additional part-time assignment that requires a certain number of years of service. The bill would require classified employees who work part-time assignments that equal the number of hours for a full-time assignment for the same education employer to receive the same benefits as employees who work a fulltime assignment.

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