Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Plan 2017-2022


As an organization of individual professional members, the Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA) is unique among interest-based community college organizations in California. Members pay dues to support the Association, and are therefore personally invested in the organization on a financial level.

ACCCA members include administrators across a broad spectrum of management areas, from classified administrators and student services managers, to academic and instructional administrators, business as well as human resources officers and personnel, technical and research managers. ACCCA members also encompass administrators along a wide range of position levels, from directors and deans to vice presidents and presidents within single-college and multi-college districts, and varied managerial and chancellor-level positions at district offices.  This diversity provides a unique forum for all of management to work together to nurture the system and contribute their various perspectives.

In the interests of its members, ACCCA must respond to the demographic shift that is occurring in the administrative workforce and reflected within our membership. While the Boomer generation continues its exit from the profession, the remaining Boomers continue to engage on our campuses. Alongside these administrators is a growing contingent of equally energized Millennials, Gen X and Gen Y administrative professionals, who are increasingly transitioning into new leadership roles.

The California community college system itself is standing at its own transformational crossroad with an ever-urgent focus on student success. ACCCA must develop needs-based, innovative solutions to questions of member services and benefits, professional development, advocacy, communications and information that will support and nurture the individuals who serve in the critical administrative and managerial positions situated among the 114 colleges and 72 districts in the state.

ACCCA’s Board of Directors crafted new vision, mission, and values statements in view of the dynamic context within which the organization operates. These statements are designed to strengthen the ACCCA brand for current and future members, further differentiate the Association’s positioning with external stakeholders, and guide the organization’s activities moving forward.

Our Vision ACCCA will be recognized as the premier organization for developing exemplary administrators to lead and serve California community colleges.

Our Mission ACCCA develops and supports current and future California community college administrators through professional development, networking and advocacy.

Our Values ACCCA values leadership excellence through:

  • Collaboration based on trust
  • Commitment to service and quality
  • Ethical and effective advocacy
  • Honesty, integrity and professionalism
  • Respect for uniqueness, diversity and creativity

For 16 months from February 2016 through May 2017, the Board of Directors oversaw the most comprehensive research study of the Association’s effectiveness ever conducted in its 43-year history. Surveys, personal interviews, and a focus group were utilized to elicit opinions, gain perceptions, and solicit ideas from internal and external stakeholders, and thereby obtain a 360° perspective of the organization.

All Board and staff members provided input via assessment surveys and/or personal interviews; over two hundred current members responded to surveys, 310 were interviewed, and 9 participated in a focus group; 64 lapsed members and 211 non-member administrators were interviewed; and 9 representatives of affiliate and partner organizations participated in an external stakeholder survey.

Research results indicated that, while ACCCA continues to be important to members and vital to the community college landscape in California, the organization must change in significant ways to adapt to and better serve the needs of its evolving membership.  The Plan is thoroughly reviewed each year by the Board and updated and adjusted according to member input.  The goals and activities of the plan are continuously monitored by the Board and are directly overseen by the Executive Director.

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