ACCCA Leadership Award for Administrative Excellence

ACCCA Leadership Award for Administrative Excellence

The ACCCA Leadership Award for Administrative Excellence was established in 1996 to honor an administrator or manager who has consistently shown leadership in the face of adversity, and whose commitment to professionalism in community college administration has stood out among their peers.

As you review the roster of previous recipients of the Leadership Award, you are reminded of the incredible talent and inspirational spirit of collegiality and leadership that is demonstrated every day on our campuses. These outstanding individuals continue to serve as an inspiration to so many and inform the career aspirations of ACCCA members everywhere.

Perhaps, you know a colleague who has consistently shown a remarkable capacity for leadership at your institution, or within your own professional network? Now is your chance to recognize them in an amazing and meaningful way.

Nominees for the Leadership Award for Administrative Excellence should consistently demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A high degree of applied knowledge and expertise as a community college manager or administrator;
  • Creativity and innovation in their work;
  • Volunteerism that benefits the college and their profession;
  • A high level of commitment to their institution and community; and
  • Service as a role model or a mentor

Submit your nomination form today by clicking the link below, and uploading the documents that will demonstrate these qualities. Additional letters in support of your nomination are welcomed.

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