ACCCA Award for Progress in Diversity

ACCCA Award for Progress in Diversity

The ACCCA Award for Progress in Diversity was created to recognize the outstanding achievements of individuals and organizations in their efforts to expand the concept of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the wider higher education community.

In establishing the criteria for this award, ACCCA recognized that an honor of this nature must encompass both the individual as well as the institution. It requires the initiative of the individual to spearhead efforts to expand diversity and equity, but to also seek systemic and structural change that has historically stalled these efforts.

We also recognize progress by an institution or entity to challenge historical structures and policies to create cultural intelligence and ensure inclusion throughout the organization.  We honor that holistic work that is so essential to making real change.

A review of past recipients of this award is evidence of achievement in increasing awareness, expanding diversity and equity, and igniting systemic and structural change in the California Community Colleges.
Following is the criteria that will be applied by the Selection Committee in determining the recipient(s) for this award:

  • Does the nomination show a demonstrated history of effective leadership in promoting awareness and progress of expanding diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Is there documented support of the nomination from colleagues or those within the organization that attests to the unique contribution of the individual or organization; OR
  • a project or presentation at the state or national level that has impacted, enhanced or represents a contribution toward the goal of expanding diversity in higher education; OR
  • a unique example of foundational or systemic equity through district policy, activities on campus and within the organization, or organizational documentation that represents effective actions taken by the organization toward inclusion?

To submit your nomination today, upload the documentation described above, along with any additional letters in support of the nomination.

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