Admin 201

Building on the “nuts and bolts” training of our successful Admin 101 program, Admin 201 is a 1-week professional-learning experience focused on the foundational elements of leadership in the California Community Colleges. A 360-degree assessment module [Leadership Practices Inventory] is included in the program fee to identify areas of strength and further development.

Adding the Admin 201 program to your professional development portfolio is a great way to build confidence to take on more complex strategic challenges now and throughout your career.

Program Overview

  • 5-day intensive professional development program.
  • Class size is limited to 25 participants for maximum impact and fills to capacity.
  • Case study-based program incorporates a comprehensive 360 leadership assessment and is set in the principles of Change Leadership as illustrated in Jeffrey Buller’s guide to academic transformation.
  • Assessment, instruction, textbook, and materials are included in the program fee.


  • Seasoned administrators (5 years or more) seeking opportunities for further growth and career advancement.


  1. Participants will understand institutional identity in strategic terms as a spectrum of capabilities and explore the idea of infusing core competencies, mine data from environmental scans, SWOT analysis, and create scenarios for problem solving and
    meeting challenges.

  2. Participants will be trained in applying leadership concepts to improve:

    • Personal growth and development

    • One-on-one level engagement with colleagues

    • Team level performance

    • Overall impact within your college or district

  3. Acquire an understanding of how each of the major components of strategic planning is reformulated as they are developed in the context of the process and discipline of strategic leadership.

July 15-19, 2024
Sacramento, CA

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