Business Membership Levels

Business Membership Levels

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Benefits of Basic 12-Month Membership

  • Subscription to the Association’s newsletter ACCCA Reports
  • Link on ACCCA website via online directory
  • Reduced rates for newsletter advertising
  • Reduced rates for sponsorship and conference options
  • Opportunity to present at conference sessions and special events
  • Opportunity to have articles selected for publication in ACCCA Reports
  • Opportunity to participate on business relations commission
  • Opportunity to be connected with ACCCA’s network of over 250 campus reps and commission volunteers.
  • Opportunity for alliance agreement—generally, to participate in each other’s initiatives –access for the business partner, and program enhancements for ACCCA.

Level One Membership: Independent Contractor

  • Qualification: Independent contractors with community colleges or community college administrators
  • Cost: $500 annual dues
  • Benefits: Basic membership

Level Two Membership: Small Business Associate

  • Qualification: Small businesses with ten or fewer employees. Must have only one location and an annual budget under $500,000
  • Cost: $1,000 annual dues
  • Benefits: Basic membership

Level Three Membership: Company Associate

  • Qualification: Large business with over ten employees
  • Cost: $1,500 annual dues
  • Benefits: Basic membership
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