Management Essentials

Management Essentials

Planning for the next session of Management Essentials is underway. We will have more to share in the coming weeks!

This one-day regional training was developed based on recent surveys and feedback about the needs of today’s community college administrators and encompasses years of research. A key finding that drove the development of this program is that being an effective manager is essential in a political environment, but it isn’t enough to be successful.

Management Essentials is intended for those administrators who desire to learn the following knowledge, skills and practices:

  • How to manage up, down and sideways
  • How to extend their influence throughout the organization
  • How to forge strong ties to build momentum

This is an interactive program where participants are encouraged to share their experiences in a safe learning environment.

September 22, 2023

City College of San Francisco

We have reached capacity for our venue. We are currently sold out for this workshop.  

Please join the interest list if you would like to receive an email notification when the next session takes place.


Geisce Ly, Interim Vice Chancellor, Academic & Institutional Affairs, City College of San Francisco will present Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Charo Albarran, Vice President, Human Resources and Training &
Development, Napa Valley College will present Performance Evaluation and Employee Professional Development: Coaching Our Way to Success
Jamal Cooks, (Incoming) President, Chabot College will present DEIAA: A Crucial Factor in Community College Leadership

Laurie Scolari, Vice President of Student Services, Foothill College will present Bringing Authenticity & Joy into the Workplace by Harnessing the Cultural Capital of BIPOC Employees

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