Mentor Program

Mentor Program

ACCCA Mentor Program

The ACCCA Mentor Program is a unique learning opportunity that matches each participant [mentee] with a seasoned administrator for a year-long learning and professional growth experience.  Together the Mentor and their Mentee establish a learning contract that outlines specific areas selected by the mentee where professional growth or knowledge are needed.  

The mentor/mentee relationship is managed by them, and the Program Team is there to support that growth by connecting with the Mentee at specific intervals to provide training, guidance, and networking.

Program Overview

Mentor Program participants are selected for demonstrating a potential for expanded leadership roles in their current, or future, responsibilities within the California community college system. Every ACCCA PD program is strategically crafted to guarantee a diverse group of highly skilled leaders is prepared to meet the future administrative requirements of California community colleges.

In addition to the growing Mentor/Mentee relationship, a series of mandatory and optional activities are scheduled throughout the program year which comprises 35 hours of professional learning within the following events:

  • Application required to be accepted into this program.
  • Program orientation and launch at each annual conference (separate registration required)
  • Annual Admin 101 meeting/dinner in July (Optional but highly recommended. As a Mentee, you also receive a considerable discount if you choose to participate in Admin 101.)
  • A 3-day Spring Retreat (North & South – included in program fees)
  • A 1-day Fall Retreat (North & South – included in program fees)
  • Day with the Chancellor in January (Sacramento – included in program fees)
  • Annual ACCCA Conference and Graduation Celebration (Registration is included in the program fee. Accommodations are paid by the participant.)

Who should consider this program?

  • NEWER ADMINISTRATORS LESS THAN 5 YEARS New administrators, eager to learn, make an impact, and excel while navigating the California CC System.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Foster meaningful relationships with a mentor through communicating actionable goals that cultivate the exchange of knowledge, experience, and support.
  2. Engage in peer-to-peer learning with their cohort and the Mentor Program team leaders to expand their professional network.
  3. Recognize and utilize key elements of middle management to effectively navigate workplace politics.
  4. Understand effective job search strategies and career advancement practices.
  5. Create a personal action plan to be more emotionally intelligent.

If you are interested in being notified when applications open for the Mentor Program, please join our Interest List.

Adding your name to the interest list is not an application – you will be notified via email when the next application opens.


Andrew MacNeill
Dean of Arts, Humanities, Communications & Telecommunications
San Diego City College

Geisce Ly
Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic & Institutional Affairs
City College of San Francisco

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